Cat ear on the keyboard

Mishka is curled to the right of the laptop, snuggled atop the edge of the keyboard, paw over her eyes, fast asleep. Who knows why a cat likes what she likes? She twitches in her sleep.

I will be going around in an attempt to baby-proof the house. I have gotten enough plugs to stop up any unused electrical outlets, and tomorrow will duly insert them. I have replenished the bulb for the Himalayan salt night-light for downstairs. I discovered as I put fresh linen on the bed that the room had been thoroughly baby-proofed.

It also seems like the heat is not working so very well down there in the zone of the bedroom; I will have to check that out.

I just dozed at the keyboard: a sure sign that it is time for me to sleep.

I know what is drawing me: I see the eye doctor again tomorrow, and I am somewhat anxious.

Or maybe it's the strong pull of the cat-fast-asleep vibes.

In any case, I will take my own body's hint and sleep, and hope to dream, and waken early.