Cat bath

---taking place here on the desk, by my right elbow.

Now she has curled up on her side dozing, snuggled up to my forearm lightly purring, one paw over her nose.

The day began with an appointment with the eye doctor. One eye received its monthly injection. Then, a surprise: the doc has a concern about the other eye, and thinks it might need a surgery.

I will get a second opinion as well, before deciding.

No getting around it: I am a sissy, and this scares me. The idea has not yet found a place in my mind to settle.

And isn't it funny how our minds work, because the very next thought is the shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner, and how to child-proof the house, and pray that the toddler is not inclined to try to taste the cat food (not kosher.) Then on to the purring cat herself, and my appreciation for her company. From there to the laundry waiting to be turned on (morning), and reminding myself to put the trash out early...

Anything but think about a surgical knife headed towards my eyeball. Even typing the words makes my teeth feel loose.


I wish us all a good shabbos, in which things sort themselves without our interference.

Good night.