All Hallows' Eve...



I DELIVERED MY BALLOT directly to the County Recorder's office downtown. So many are wanting to vote securely that they stationed personnel in the parking lot to collect ballots. I am praying.

It seems somehow fitting that so many of us delivered ballots for this election just before Hallowe'en...

I am still in tonight's costume: the longsleeved black T-shirt with the striped ginger cat wearing a pink pussy hat; cat muzzle, ears and tail. I've been answering the doorbell in this, and giving kids handfuls of the small wrapped sesame-honey candies my grandmother used to stock for Pesach. Turns out they love it, because it is unfamiliar...and sugar. I stationed myself on the sofa with the laptop, and got up whenever the doorbell rang. I'm wondering if I can bake the carved pumpkin, and make a soup or a pie out of it; or if I should just leave it in the back yard for the raccoons.

Mishka the cat has spent the evening beside me on a cushion on the couch. I imagine she thought she might need to correct me if I behave in a way unbefitting the dignity of a feline. So that I don't ruin the reputation of cats in general, don't you know.

Tomorrow: early minyan, G-d willing; and perhaps, post-election, back to closer-to-normal?

Let us pray.