I was awakened this morning, once more, by an early-hungry cat walking up my midline, crouching on my chest, staring me in the face and uttering "MEOW!"

Once I have gotten the message and wakened, she goes back downstairs and waits.

Very intelligent and determined cat.

I spent the day catching up with all sorts of things, from the office, to what-needs-cooking in the refrigerator.

I'd been honored with the request to write a blurb for a friend's excellent book, and sent it off on time.

The day's most important task was really reading all the material about all the ballot initiatives, and finally sitting with the ballot and my notes and VOTING. Tomorrow I will bring it to the County Clerk's office in person.

The day's most delightful event was the unexpected visit of a friend whose company I enjoy very much, and whom I have not seen in too long. We caught up, some, over tea; then she went back out in the soggy dusk to drive home.

Another gift: the safe return from travel of housemate with friend.

The next-most-delightful thing was loading kindling and logs into the woodstove on this chill wet night, and warming the room and my spirits with a fire. Oddly, Mishka the cat had no interest in the fire at all; she stayed curled up in my beloved's recliner (one of the places she has claimed as her own.)

Zalman, z'l, and I used to sit on the sofa facing the stove watching the flames and delighting in the warmth.

And in each other.

Good night.