I am at my desk, having read the accumulated email: a depressing activity these days.

Mishka the cat is curled beside the laptop, asleep; now and then her long white whiskers twitch.

Today started with the gathering of the Monday morning group that began all the way back in 1996 when Zalman, z'l, began teaching at Naropa. He convened all who were interested in exploring "the spirituality of the future". The group has shrunk considerably since those days, and now meets once a month. But we still meet: a small group who care deeply about one another and about our world.

Mishka the cat went delicately from person to person, checking out their toes. She spent the last ten minutes of the session snuggled on my chest purring approval. I think she likes the group; she could easily have retreated to one of her favorite spots in another room.

This evening I attended an event at the Jewish Community Center dealing with police response to violence for one half, and the bullying issues schools are now facing for the other: difficulties with race, gender identification, etc. This was one of those events I felt duty-bound to attend and which I did not enjoy one bit. Some of the panelists were straightforward, honest and to-the-point. For the second half, dealing with bullying in the schools, it was rather dominated by a school principal, a man, who was not listening to the other panelists (women), and was clearly an apparatchik of the system. Feh.

I fear for our country, when folks like him are overseeing the education of our kids.

Tomorrow morning I am filling out my ballot and delivering it in person to its destination downtown.

Praying for our country.

And now going up to sleep; perhaps Mishka will follow?