Sunday, after the service

I wakened feeling sneezy and queasy, and decided to not go to the second day of the Continuum workshop I had attended on shabbos. Instead, I rested deeply.

Then I went to the gathering at the Reform shul.

I imagine that, like us here in Boulder, Jewish communitites all over the country were gathering in the aftermath of the shooting in the synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Here, we heard from representatives of every branch of Judaism, from Christian clergy, from the local imam.

I missed Zalman so much, with his uncanny capacity and wisdom to get way beneath the levels of the obvious, and show us deeper truths with such wit and grace.

I am sure I was not the only one relieved at the police presence at every entrance, though I am appalled that it seems necessary. Years ago, when I was in Europe with Zalman, z'l, we were both relieved and dismayed to see that there were armed guards at the Jewish school, and near the synagogues.

Now it is necessary at home, in our country. "There" has arrived, and it is now "here".

The gathering was full of heart, of caring, and of solidarity. cannot go on like this.

We all need to think clearly

and VOTE.

Good night.