After Havdalah

I spent a quiet, introverted shabbos, with the occasional company of Mishka the cat.

I was delighted to join one of the local chavurot for havdalah, potluck, and some discussion of this week's Torah portion: "Lech l'cha", where an already old-ish Avram is told to take himself off from the place he has known. He is being asked to fling himself into the unknown and be guided day by day; or perhaps step by step.

What if I remembered to start each day by asking where G-d wanted me to go? Oh, and then listening for an answer.

I have a feeling that morning davvenen is supposed to be exactly that; but we can get too wrapped up in the liturgy to remember it.

It is supposed to be the opposite of habit.

I may have shared this here before, but here it comes again, and wants me to write it out in order to take it in. It was what my mother told me about instructions she received in meditation when she was at her wits' end:

"Go where I send you. Be completely present. And do the best you can."

On that note, I am going up to bed.