Can it already be mid-week?

Time is speeding.

The snow has melted, and today was sunny and lovely.

The sukkah is coming down bit by bit.

The new credit card, replacing the one that is expiring, has arrived; and with it, the task of calling all those places that get automatic payments, to give them the updated information.

One of the women who answer such calls turned out to be a singer, and we both wished we could have visited.

I am being beleaguered by calls pleading for donations; I counted six today. This is not counting what comes in the email and the snail mail.

Meanwhile, Mishka the cat is learning how to get what she needs.

Shortly before seven this morning she leaped onto the bed, hunkered down on my (sleeping) chest, stared at my face and meowed. The message was clear: BREAKFAST.

I hope to waken in time for early minyan tomorrow, so I might surprise her.

I can only imagine what my beloved's response to such feline chutzpah would have been...

Good night.