Boulder is like that: it can snow and rain and hail and shine all in one afternoon.

Yesterday it snowed and I lit the wood stove; today it melted and I took a walk with a friend at dusk, sufficiently warm in only a shawl. (Over the clothes,of course.)

It was a catching-up sort of day, returning calls, answering emails, running errands, walking with a friend by the little lake nearby.

And preparing for shabbos: it smells like French onion soup all the way back to my study at the other end of the house. Also smells like Brussels sprouts; somehow a whole stalk of them showed up in my refrigerator. I put them in the oven with sweet butter in their own baking dish, next to their neighbors, the sliced onions that would be the basis of the soup.

Tomorrow morning I go for my annual medical checkup, fasting blood work, etc.; then the rest of the day preparing for shabbos---what a pleasure.

After shabbos, if everything has dried, time to finally take down the sukkah.

MIshka the cat likes curling up on the desk next to my right arm when I am working on the laptop.

Funny cat.

I wish us all a good shabbos---