Later than I thought (again)

Every Saturday night I find myself saying how much I appreciated Shabbos.
This shabbos, a welcome guest for breakfast, another friend joined me for lunch, and I went to a birthday party for a friend  for dinner.  It sounds busier than usual for shabbos.  But it really was a sweet and nourishing day.

The house feels very empty without the presence of the cats.
The birds, squirrels and the occasional deer and rabbit do cheer me up; but it's not the same.
Sunday afternoon
I got interrupted in the midst of writing last night, and did not realize that I had not returned to complete and send this until I received a call this morning asking if I were all right.
This will have been the first time ever that I failed to get a scheduled missive on line.
Here it is now, and G-d willing you will hear from me tonight.