It is late, so I'll be brief...
The weather was not as bad as expected after all; we all arrived safely.
We have done folk concerts before, and did this one differently:  we all sat on the side up on the stage, and faded in and out of backup accompaniment to whomever was soloing.
Such fun!
We got to surf what we had rehearsed, integrated with the surprises that came up spontaneously.

It was a delight to play with such fine, skilled and spontaneous musicians.
I spent my early adolescence this way, learning and playing international folk music with others, trying out harmonies, taking turns supporting each other as we sang solo, surfing the rhythms, harmonies and feel of a song.  It 's rich, fulfilling, fun, surprising, sensuous.

And it didn't leave me ready to go to sleep right away, alas.
But I'm ready now.
Blessings for a good night's sleep...