How amazing

Two of us sat on the back deck with those glasses meant to protect our eyes when glimpsing the eclipse.  I really began to understand the old folklore about the sun being eaten by a cosmic wolf...

I watched the last of it flat on my back in the grass, peeking up periodically because we were warned, even with the glasses, not to stare.  How amazing that the sun is so powerful; how remarkable that the shadow of another heavenly body passing by could hide it from sight.  Interestingly, the sky did not become any darker.

This really did make the entire day feel magical...


Meanwhile, registration for the weekend I had planned to do at The Abode of the Message had so very few registrants (2) that it was cancelled.  I am very sorry; I was looking forward to it.

And on the other hand, I need to concentrate on finishing a particular project, after which, I can resume teaching and working with "the Imaginal World".


We are entering the month of Elul, working towards the High Holy Days.  It is a time when I miss my beloved more intensely, and am aware of it more often.  We both took the month of Elul, with its tasks of taking stock of ourselves and our lives, very seriously.  I find that I have fewer sins of commission these days, and still many of omission:  I forget to let people know how grateful I am for their consideration and kindness, for honesty and humor and not letting me get away with sh--.

You all have given to me greatly in these past years:  companionship, support, information, presence when I have been alone and with a great hole in my life and in my heart.  I thank you so much.

If I owe any of you an apology of which I am not aware, or need to make a repair or amends for anything, please let me know.  I send you all my gratitude, and blessings.

Good night.