Almost time...

---to go to shul.


I am looking at the world with equal amounts of despair and hope.

Some of the hope comes from seeing the courage of the three Republicans who went with their conscience instead of their party in voting against dismantling Obamacare. 

I have sent respectful thank you emails to all three.


I am thinking of "causeless hatred".

We never think it's causeless:  we make up reasons why it is justified; or we latch onto someone else's reasons as if they were our own.  Why?  Are we in need of someone to blame for our dissatisfactions?  Do we feel obligated to hold to a family prejudice?  " hate all the people our relatives hate..."  (from the song "You've Got To Be Carefully Taught".)


(to be continued after shul)


I stayed to hear all of Eichah---(The Book of Lamentations)---which is always heartbreaking.

I am still thinking of that teaching that the Temple was destroyed because of "causeless hatred".

(The original Hebrew might be better translated as "gratuitous hatred".)

The first thing my laptop showed me when I reopened it in order to complete this entry was a photo of an enraged Trump, looking like an overgrown child having a full-blown tantrum.  He's a good challenge, for dismantling my impulsive reaction to hate.  Instead, I tried talking to him in my head, calmly, as if he were that child:  "No, you cannot have repeal.  But if you encourage the whole Congress to cooperate and fix this, or create a deal that's better for everybody, they'll all start to like you..."



Good night.