Almost Independence Day... 

Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 22 minutes ago


This morning began early, as soon as light fully entered my bedroom.

A student/friend brought over all sorts of things to plant, and we spent a good part of the morning adding things that the bees and hummingbirds will like.  I am an uneducated and chaotic gardener, so the help of one more experienced is very much appreciated.  At her suggestion, I began thinking about how I could turn the unruly Cape Honeysuckle at the south side of the house into a welcoming trellis rather than  an obstreperous obstruction.  I went to McGuckin's, wonderful Boulder stronghold, and found bamboo pole and covered wire, and began.  


I returned to McGuckin's when I figured out what I still needed.

Then I visited a friend and we went to dinner to celebrate her small new apartment...and since the restaurant we'd planned to visit was closed, we tried the one next door, and discovered that the (meatless) tapas were absolutely splendid.  We felt royally replete without having eaten too much.


I look forward to a quiet tomorrow at home, meditating on the meaning of freedom and independence...And on the attention, consciousness and action demanded from those who would nurture and protect that freedom for all.

Please listen to this song by Sweet Honey in the Rock.  Sing along with all your heart.