It's getting smellier in here.

Poor Bracha is leaving amazingly stinky packets now in a great variety of places.

Today I bought new pads for beneath the litter boxes, and an extra-strong shpritz thats supposed to remove odors.

Meanwhile, I am trying to tune in to know if she wants me to help her go.

No clear message so far.


This evening I followed an impulse to walk in a place I rarely get to, in North Boulder---where I ran into several folks I know, all taking advantage of the beautiful dusk to walk.  There was also the treat of meeting everyone else's dog as well.  (Boulder is a very doggy town.)  Home:  the cool of evening for watering the potted plants.

A good night for prayer for healing for so many of the people I know who are having it hard now.

I found myself sobbing while davvenen, for all the individuals I know who are, as the old hymn says, "standing in the need of prayer"; then all the ones I don't know.  Then our whole country, then the world at large.  I am remembering Zalman saying how hard it was for him to try to pray to the omni-omni-omnipotent One, who is creating and sustaining infinite universes.  Rather, he would say, he might manage to pray to "Melech ha-Olam" knowing he meant ha-olam ha-zehthis particular world.  

Somehow I find this more possible as the sky darkens, and the stars become visible, and I hear the birds and insects who sing only at sunset.

Blessings for sweet sleep.