Motz'ei Yahrzeit

It has been a full, rich day, starting with arrival to shul at seven a.m. with a bundle of food and the Slivovitz.  It was someone else's yahrzeit as well, so a beautiful frittata and more fruit joined what I had brought.  


After shul, I brought my car to the shop and found out what it will cost to fix what got torn off of its underside.

Yikes; but has to be done.



The rest of the day was outwardly prosaic, and inwardly peaceful.  I don't really know whether what I feel is Zalman's presence lightly accompanying me today, or my own imagination filling in the space where I wish that presence would be.  Throughout all the varied stations of the day (grocery, baking, meeting with the young woman from League of Conservation Voters, potluck of women writers, etc.) I have felt a loving presence lightly accompanying me.  Of course I cannot say clearly what or who it is; I just appreciate it.


I am falling asleep at the keyboard; a definite sign that it is time to say good night, and to wish us all a good shabbos.