It takes a while, after a concentrated output of energy, to regain balance.

Today was a day of errands and catch-up: returns at one store, purchases at another.

Then this evening, I made dinner for a new friend, and we enjoyed a visit here.  She brought some glorious fresh salad greens.  Both cats insisted that their place was upon the table, sampling.  (No, no.)  My fanstasy is that they think this is the way to make guests feel welcome.


The wild weather has rained and sunned and rained today.  So has my energy and frame of mind.

I read of the villainous plans encroaching on our country from within, and veer between despair and defiance. Defiance usually wins, and I grit my teeth and write another email or make another call to D.C.  And I find myself praying out loud:  "All right, so we've been complacent and stupid.  But what have the plants and animals done to deserve the fate that could await them if this combination of villainy, greed and willful ignorance is allowed to take over?  For the sake of the creepy-crawlies and the swimmers and the flyers and the four-leggeds who have no other recourse, and trust You---help us.

Asking for dreams.

Good night.