After midnight: Lag B'Omer

My great shabbos treat this week was a class on Zohar by a woman I have not seen in years, who lives in Israel; and the gathering of friends for potluck, walk, discussion afterwards.  Her mother spent a period of time learning with my teacher Mme. Colette while I was there, which is how we met.  And now, I am learning from her daughter:  a most beautiful playing-out of "what goes around comes around".


I am so very grateful for the gift of shabbos, when I must interrupt certain habits for twenty-six hours.  I am almost ready to pick up where I left off, when I begin tomorrow morning.  My intent is to go to my back desk and involve myself in my own work first, and only after a satisfying period of that will I open the laptop to the day's colleciton of doom-and-disaster emails.  

Wish me luck!

Shavu'a tov.