The highlight of today was a long-overdue visit over breakfast at Alfalfa's with my friend Norma.

The rest of the day was invested in the seemingly unending round of letters-to-politicians, the signing-of-petitions, the calling-of-congressmen...

I can't go on like this.

And---I can't ignore the creeping fascism that is gobbling up our country.


Later this week I teach the first of a series of seven classes that I have called "Not In Shul:  Jewish Spiritual Home Practices".  This means I have committed to spending time and deep attention on something other than the state of the country, both during the class itself and in its preparation.  Oh, what a gift!

I have not taught this class since the first year we were in Boulder, 21 years ago. I am interested to see how it will be different:  all the practices I describe have hollowed out their places in me by now.  Though I may have originally learned much from Zalman, it is now a part of me.  I have shaped the practices and made them my own; and they have shaped me as well.

Thinking about it brings up memories of the time of our first living together that start out so sweet,