It's almost five o' clock and I am not packed.  I leave the house before dawn.  The kitchen's a mess.  My desk is a wreck.  
I have made a revolutionary decision:  since the purpose of this trip is to be with family, and since shabbos starts shortly after I arrive, I am leaving my laptop at home and will not write again until Sunday or Monday night. And since I have an old dumb-phone, no cheating.  The anticipation is somewhere between relief and anxiety.

Zalman had to work hard to convince me to begin to use a computer; I would inherit his when he upgraded.  Now, like all of us, it has become an essential element of my daily life.  That is weird!
So I have no idea how I will experience this elongation of my weekly shabbos-from-internet.  I'll report upon return.
And my return Sunday may be too late for writing.  I plan to return to this site by Monday the latest.

I wish us all a sweet and restful and restorative shabbos.