Today's blessing

--was twofold (plus):


  • my car checkup and oil change yielded no hidden automotive miseries
  • a professional handyman-fixer came and fixed a whole bunch of things I could not have done myself.  (Once upon a time I would have tried.)
  • Mazal has not SPRAYED on the wooden floor (whew)
  • the friend with whom I had hoped to visit when on the East Coast to greet a new to-be-born (too-tfoo-tfoo) family member, will indeed have room for me to stay, and some time to visit
  • and I anticipate the pleasure, tomorrow, of breakfast with a young friend who is here visiting her family

I have this feeling that there is little to report...but I recognize this state:  it is what happens when too much is going on inside, and has not sorted itself out yet into any expressable form.

Time to take it all upstairs to sort itself out in sleep.  Sweet dreams.