Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — a minute ago

The middle of the week...
I have rebalanced after travel, and am fully home.  I'm cleaning up after Mazal the Cat, who is still spraying (!) almost daily---feh.  (She balances this behavior by the sweetest most affectionate ritual of putting me to bed at night and snuggling with me in the morning.)  
All is unpacked and replaced, calls are returned, mail is opened and dealt with (except for today's.)  And just as I am really here, and ready to begin my week, I realize that it's almost time to end it---it is already almost shabbos;  tomorrow is early morning minyan.  And it is almost already tomorrow.  
I had forgotten that I am always slightly disoriented after travel, and the days of the week are jumbled.  
I wish us all deep sleep and good dreams that we remember in the morning.