A day-in-between


Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 13 minutes ago

I am surprised that I needed a day to reorient, after such a short trip; but I did.
Mazal the cat helped:  she put me to bed very solicitously last night, and has stayed near me most of the day.

It did take me the whole day to catch up on snail mail, email and house-stuff.
And now that I am caught up, and feel fully back here, I can kvell over the baby:  bright, curious, cheerful.
And so very new.
So I muse...It is quite possible, in my mind, that we have had lives before this one, and will have other ones after as well.  If so, it looks miraculous to me that a baby can really see the world so new, can come in so unburdened by the past, (at least for a while),  with such open possibility and such optimism.  Perhaps that is what is meant by our folk custom that says the angel Gabriel teaches us while we are in the womb all the Torah we need for this lifetime; then he taps us on the upper lip before we are born so that we should forget it.

Sweet dreams...