Bless Netanel, and the young men he ropes into coming to help the rebbetzin.
Thanks to the one who came today, the sukkah on the back deck is finished.  The bamboo-shade and burlap walls are up; the curtains with their depictions of the Ushpizin, our forefathers and foremothers (whom I secretly think of as our threefathers and fourmothers) are hung as the north wall; the s'chach has been spread over the bamboo poles, and give more shade than sun (at least today) while letting us see the sky through it.  The lantern with the colored glass that Zalman and I got in Spain hangs over the table, with electric candles in it ready to be lit.  The tablecloth and napkins wait for me to spread them tomorrow.  The Indian corn and the crook-necked bumpy squashes are ready to be hung, hopefully where heads won't bump them.  The string of teenylights waits for an extension cord.  
The flag with the picture of our Earth from outer space is ready to be hung.  
Zalman thought that this would become our next universal religious symbol.  
From the Sukkot liturgy:  "Save our Earth suspended in space..."

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