YIKES!  oops.  Failed to post last night.

Okay, it is just 9:15, and I am determined to go upstairs and head to bed very soon---an ongoing saga. It has snowed generously, and is near zero-ish degrees.  I hope the roads will be safe enough to go to minyan tomorrow morning.  If not---I have resumed really spending time with morning davvenen and meditation, wrapped in the original rainbow tallis that Zalman gave me, upstairs facing the Flatirons.  I am anticipating the visit of our friend Netanel, coming to teach a concentrated course at Naropa.  I have finally repaired/replaced/re-hung bird feeders that had been savaged by a hungry bear last summer---the one who also dismantled the composter and left a giant paw-print on the window.  I will be brewing a bodacious soup tomorrow.  It is really truly Winter. I have been honored by being asked to speak to the Aleph rabbinic/cantorial, etc. students before the ordination ceremony.   My initial response is that I have no wisdom to give over now; then I reflect that this can't be true.  Surely I have something useful for those who will soon be striving daily to give spiritual sustenance to their communities.  We will all need this in the coming days and years. So I have begun asking what that is, for those very people, for this very time.  I wish us all a warm and safe night. Sweet dreams