The Monday Morning Group (which is now monthly) came at 7:30.  I had put out food, a rare thing, to help fuel our inspiration for antidoting the toxic politics.  I hve been told that calls are more effective than signing on-line petitions, so I tried calls to congresspeople roday instead of emails.

Some message boxes are full, and there is evidently no inerest in emptying them.

I have no idea if anything we are doing is making any difference; I dare not give up.


I loaded the nine glass 3-gallon bottles into the car and went to Eldorado Springs.

I watched my own impatience mount as the person before me loaded his bottles into the machine slow and distracted, doing it one-handed while his other hand held the smart phone on which he was having a business discussion.  But I did get my nine 3-gallon glass jugs filled, eventually, then clanked back up the dirt road.


I didn't navigate for the fact that this flu requires more recovery time:  I am still achey and tired.

Tomorrow there is a tribute concert at the JCC in memory of Leonard Cohen, z'l.  I am re-memorizing the words to "Anthem".  I hope I wil have the energy and voice to do it justice.

There is indeed "a crack in everything".


Good night.