A Pendulum-swinging Sort of Day

This day has been like a tour of all the varied possibilities in our lives.


I tried starting a chicken soup in a crockpot last night, and came down this morning to a house smelling like Friday night dinner.  The plan had been to share it with two friends who are almost bedridden; but Life had other plans.




It started with my annual checkup with the eye doctor:  things are not perfect, but they are not too bad just now.  The doc casually mentioned scary possibilites in the future, depending on how my eyes progress; but so far, so good, and keep taking the special vitamins.

While still in that neighborhood, I received a message that one of the friends , (90 years old,) was in the nearby hospital, so I got to visit her.  Tomorrow, G-d willing, I will bring some of the chicken soup to her there.


This evening there was a birthday-potluck for my friend and accompanist---and oh my.

After some eating and drinking, the music started:  guitars, accordion, piano, cello, percussion, voice, harmonies, spontaneous creativity, Balkan folk dancing...I was reminded of what parties used to be when I was a young teenager, in my Labor Zionist youth.  

It was good for the body and for the soul, for connections between people, for spirit, and for nourishing the strength to go on, and to dare to think that evil will not win out in the end.


I am taking that precious and needed conviction to bed with me, and hope to dream.

Blessed night..