How is it already so late?

It has been one of those days in which I am constantly busy, but end with the feeling that I got nothing useful done.  The proliferation of petitions, etc., on line; the incessant pleas for money; the strong suspicion of skullduggery...

...which segues right into paranoia:  how come the petitionary letter to investigate possible/likely Russian interference with our election, that I have been trying to send to Nancy Pelosi for the last hour, keeps bouncing back from her official website saying that the site is not available?


So on the one hand, my horror at the era I see heading our way is tinged with the hope for a last minute rescue or reprieve; and on the other, I am really and truly scared.  

In our tradition, we learn that the very balance, fertility and viability of our planet are intimately connected with justice and ethics.  And that balance is already so fragile right now---even a short period of the chaos we could anticipate could tip the balance.  Not that the planet itself will die; not so quick.  But many species may do so, and ours, as the major driver of destruction, would surely be one.


I have been spending at least half my day writing letters, signing petitions and donating what by now is more than I should to good and necessary causes. 

I think that now I must somehow shift how I invest my energy to something more useful.  So maybe I will delay opening email from first thing in the morning to later in the day---that should be a good start.  In fact, I should also close it down earlier; they say it's harder to get to sleep...  

Oy, then there's the stuff that comes in the snail-mail.  Maybe I should allow everything that is not personal to accumulate till, say, Thursdays?

I notice I am not doing so well with modern life.


Time to go upstairs and pray like mad.

Good night.