Curioser and curioser...

It is much too late.
I have just waded through the news, the personal emails, the pleas for money, letters, signatures.  The difficulties plagueing the world are now brought right to my laptop multiple times daily. I think I liked it better when you had to wait for a letter in the mail. 
I do recommend donating, as I have, to what will be the ongoing medical need of  the young woman whose arm was blown up by a police compression grenade, lobbed at her as she was bringing water to the elders at Standing Rock.  [If you wish to add your two cents or eighteen dollars, google "Medical Fund for Sophia Wilansky".  If you want to pray for her healing, her Hebrew name is Sophia bat Dvorah.]

After hours of wading through varieties of disaster, I find myself doubly grateful for shabbos, when leaving the laptop off is a positive commandment.

Otherwise, the day was merely odd. 
I'm reminded of Zalman's story of---oy, which Chassidic rebbe?---who was a friend of the king.  The king passed him on his horse one day, and asked him where he was going, to which the rebbe replied, "I don't know."  The king, taking this as a careless remark lacking respect, had him thrown in jail for the day.  Later, when he remembered, he had him released and brought to him.  He asked him how he felt now about the careless answer he had given earlier---to which the rebbe replied:  "But you see, it was true!  I had thought I was going to the shul; but once I saw you, I didn't know..."

I was leaving the local supermarket expecting to go home when I heard a small, beautifully dressed older woman consulting with an employee about calling a cab to take her to the nearest Urgent Care because her blood pressure was very high and she had run out of her blood pressure medication.  Figuring that waiting for a taxi would take too long, I offered to give her a lift right away.  Once the doc at Urgent Care had examined her, he wanted her to go straight to the Emergency Room of the hospital.  So I brought her there, where they admitted her immediately and she succeeded in reaching her son, who was more or less local, and would come to her.  
Then I proceeded to go home...

And so it went:  I got home relatively early from the presentation on "Jewish meditation" by a visiting rabbi.
Then I opened my email to a larger-than-usual collection of disasters, active or pending, that required signatures, letters, forwarding or donations.  I dutifully slogged through all of that and suddenly it was after 1:00 a.m. 
Now I really require the prayer and meditation before I'll be able to sleep.
Good night.